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Nowak & Partner Co., Ltd.

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Mr. Elias Peterle

Representative Director
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Lee & Ko

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Mr. Joachim Nowak

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ABK Ltd.

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Ms. Ah Reum Kim

Representative Director  
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Did you know?...

  • "Passwords are like underwear. Don't leave them out where people can see them, change them regularly, and don't loan 'em out."

    A piece of advise from tech expert Chris Pirillo.

  • "The best way to get the right answer on the internet is not to ask a question; it's to post the wrong answer."

    Cunningham's Law

  • ...that 30% of IT security breaches are cause by internal actors.

  • ... that 29.2% of malware are hidden in MS Office or Windows executable files.

  • ... that 58% of the victims of data breaches are categorized as small businesses.

  • ... that more than 99% of the attacks require human interaction to succeed.


  • ... that phishing scam costs for businesses added up to $3 billion in the last years.

    Source: Symantec Threat Report

  • ... that the number one threat in breaching IT security systems is through social engineering.

    Source: Phishing as a Service: The Phishing landscape

  • ...that 3.8 million records are stolen from businesses every day.

  • … that 93% of breaches could have been avoided by taking simple steps like two-factor authentication.

  • “Security is always going to be a cat and mouse game because there'll be people out there that are hunting for the zero day award, you have people that don't have configuration management, don't have vulnerability management, don't have patch management.”

    Kevin Mitnick, American computer security consultant, author, and hacker

  • … that 91% of cyber-attacks in 2017 started with a phishing email.

  • … that one of the biggest bank heists was done electronically. In 2016 $101 million were illegally transferred from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to private accounts in Sri Lanka and the Philippines. The "bank robber" was embedded in a macro of a Word-file.




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